The future of Diversity and Inclusion at ScotEng

In September 2021, Scottish Engineering’s Executive Committee discussed where the member organisation should next step in its support for Diversity and Inclusion, agreeing that a D&I Roundtable forum should be set up to drive action. Bernie O’Neill, Head of Operations at Thales, Glasgow, and Vice President of Scottish Engineering volunteered to chair this group, which aims to set meaningful actions for Scottish Engineering by considering three key pillars identified in the first exploratory session:

  • Recruit – aimed at understanding the actions needed to make the sector more attractive for all
  • Retain – considering the ‘leaky pipeline’ that sees the industry further diminish the low levels of diversity achieved
  • Develop – ensure that the diversity retained has a career development pathway to ensure ‘if you can see it you can want to be it’

Each of the roundtables bring in a subject matter expert to give the forum members a challenging perspective on which to base their planned actions.