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  • Access to other services such as grant submission support, strategic planning, lean manufacturing and coaching/mentoring.

Service Package

This service aims to help companies with their day-to-day needs. We will help to formulate policies and procedures designed specifically for this purpose.

We will examine your existing company policies and by determining your future needs we will work with you to formulate a ‘best practice’ set of concepts.

The service also provides practical support in responding to and resolving employment relations problems and assisting in implementing changes, including:

  • Direct support at formal meetings and negotiations with employee representatives and trade union officials.
  • Prior consultation regarding strategy and tactics before any formal meeting
  • Practical assistance in resolving cases of official and unofficial industrial action
  • Provision of relevant statistics, trends and general information in response to employment relations issues raised within the company
  • Liaison visits are arranged to exchange information and to discuss any matters of concern particularly forthcoming wage and salary reviews.
  • Consultative and problem-solving meetings with company managers take place to advise on immediate problems or to devise an appropriate policy and strategy to resolve or improve unsatisfactory employee relations, policies or problems
  • Support and advice is available in relation to termination of employment including redundancy

Telephone Advice

This service gives immediate access to an experienced professional adviser who will offer bespoke advice and immediate access on the topics of Employment Law, Employment Relations, Employment Policies and Practices, Health, Safety and Environment.

Common areas we provide advice
Alcohol and Drugs, Unfair Dismissal, Absence Management, Equal Pay, Disciplinary Procedures, European Directives, Grievance Procedures, Trades Unions’ Rights and Obligations, Sick Pay, Redundancy, Termination of Employment, COSHH, Industrial Action, Noise at Work, Maternity Leave, Settlement Agreements, Discrimination and Job Evaluation.

Employment Tribunal Management

Our team of qualified professionals will offer advice in dealing with all matters referred by employees or ex-employees to an Employment Tribunal. The Service provides comprehensive, experienced and highly respected support to safeguard your interests in this complex legal area.

The service covers all issues arising from employees or former employees raising an action against a company. Such issues can involve unfair dismissal, redundancy payments and protective awards, sex, race and disability discrimination, maternity rights, time off for public or trade union duties.

  • Stage 1
    Initial assessment of case as presented by claimant on ET1
  • Stage 2
    Completion and submission of ET3 following consultation with company.
  • Stage 3
    Advising and agreeing and making any necessary response to correspondence from the Tribunals office, the claimant or the claimant’s solicitor.
  • Stage 4
    Full review of the case with company management.
  • Stage 5
    Conciliation and negotiation of settlement, where appropriate.
  • Stage 6
    Full case preparation including research of all relevant case law.
  • Stage 7
    Interviewing witnesses prior to ET hearing and preparing statements as may be required.
  • Stage 8
    Presentation at case management discussions, pre-hearing reviews or full hearing.
  • Stage 9
    Handling the proceedings at any review of the Tribunal decision.
  • Stage 10
    Consideration of the Tribunal decision and advice regarding any grounds for appeal from either claimants or respondents.

Safety, Health & Environment Support

Our team of experienced professionals can offer a wide range of services allied to health and safety and environmental issues which includes not only training on all aspects of Health and Safety but also support to manufacturing through consultancy, audits and noise monitoring. This is achieved through liaison and partnership with public sector bodies (such as the HSE, SEPA, Carbon Trust, Envirowise).

Health and Safety Service

This service includes two on site half-day audits looking at management systems and the way they function in practice followed by an inspection of work areas to examine physical conditions and compliance with legislation.

The audits can cover any area, activity of potential concern as the company wishes.
All audits are followed by a confidential written report that includes recommendations for action.

Other advantages of the service include:

  • Advise & help on any health, safety or environmental matters – available by phone or e-mail
    A preliminary noise survey to evaluate whether further investigation and measurement are required.
    Preparation of written Health and Safety Policies or reviewing and updating of existing Company Policies.
  • Preparation of employee health and safety handbook.
  • Incident assistance: Liaison with the Health and Safety Executive, Local Authorities, Fire Services, and other Enforcing Authorities.
  • Accident, dangerous occurrence, near-miss and industrial disease investigation, and advice on remedial action to be taken.
  • Advice and assistance with risk assessments.
  • Regular legislative updates.

Health and Safety Audits

Separately from the Health and Safety Service, we provide general Health and Safety Audits, or audits of any particular area or activity of potential concern.

The audit is designed to achieve three principle objectives:

  • To identify any areas of Health and Safety concern
  • To determine the current level of effectiveness of existing procedures
  • o provide a report, which will form the basis of any action plan

All audits are followed by a confidential written report that includes appropriate recommendations for action. This is a useful tool to anyone trying to benchmark against existing legislation and the report will indicate where the company needs to prioritise resources.

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