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  • Online member search to enable best practice sharing
  • Industry leading training for every level
  • Collaboration and networking at events nationwide
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  • Industry insights with our Quarterly Review
  • Expert HR advice to help you grow your business
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  • Representation to Scottish, UK and EU governments
  • Leading employer’s legal representation
  • Access to other services such as grant submission support, strategic planning, lean manufacturing and coaching/mentoring.

Integrated Support and Advice

This service provides practical help to companies with their day-to-day HR requirements. We can help review contracts of employment, company handbooks, assist with formulation of appropriate policies and procedures, and the package includes within it the Advisory Service.

The service also provides support in responding to and resolving employment relations problems and assisting in implementing changes, including:

  • Face to face support available with the member where requested.
  • Direct support at formal meetings and negotiations with employee representatives and trade union officials.
  • Prior consultation regarding strategy and tactics before any formal meeting.
  • Practical assistance in resolving cases of official and unofficial industrial action.
  • Provision of relevant statistics, trends and general information in response to employment relations issues.
  • Consultation in advance of planned company changes.
  • Support and advice available in relation to termination of employment including where appropriate settlement agreements.

Advisory Service

This service gives access to experienced advisers who will offer bespoke advice on topics within the areas of employment law, employment relations, and health, safety and environment. Common issues on which we provide advice include: unfair dismissal, absence management, performance management, equal pay, disciplinary & grievance procedures, Trade Unions’ issues, redundancy, COSHH, noise at work, family friendly issues, discrimination and whistleblowing.

Dispute Resolution

Our team of experienced advisers will offer advice in dealing with methods of resolving employment disputes, including claims referred by employees or ex-employees to an Employment Tribunal. The dispute resolution service provides comprehensive, support to safeguard your interests in this complex legal area. It is designed around the principle that we advise on the optimal course of action for the member, and consequently is not constrained by any insurance restrictions.

The service covers all issues arising from employees or former employees threatening to or actually raising an employment related action against a company. This can involve claims relating to unfair dismissal, redundancy payments and protective awards, discrimination, family friendly rights, and whistleblowing.

  1. Settlement Agreements – a binding method of resolving an employment dispute and preventing claims which can be explored before or after employment has ended.
  2. Early Conciliation – before an employee can raise a Tribunal claim, in most instances the employee must contact ACAS to discuss whether they wish to explore a conciliated settlement of their claim. If a company is approached by ACAS we can represent you during any negotiations which follow with a view to achieving a binding settlement and preventing claims.
  1. Employment Tribunal Claims – working with the company to lodge a defence to a claim, preparation for hearing and ultimately representation at Tribunal. This also includes advice on prospects, assistance with witness statements, and undertaking settlement negotiations (if instructed to do so).
  2. Judicial Mediation – sometimes offered as part of the Tribunal process, particularly in discrimination claims, a one day process with an Employment Judge acting as a mediator. A legal representative from Scottish Engineering can attend with you to assist with discussions during the mediation process and agree settlement (with involvement from ACAS). Mediation – assistance with non-adversarial dispute resolution.

SHE Audit and Compliance

Our experienced professional can offer a range of services allied to safety, health, and environmental issues which includes training on aspects of Health and Safety and support to manufacturing through consultancy, audit and noise monitoring. This is achieved through liaison and partnership with public sector bodies (such as the HSE, SEPA, Carbon Trust, Envirowise).

This service includes two on site half-day audits looking at management systems and the way they function in practice, followed by an inspection of work areas to examine physical conditions and compliance with legislation.


The audits can cover any area or activity of potential concern as the company wishes. All audits are followed by a confidential written report that includes recommendations for action. Other advantages of the service include:

  • Advice & help on health, safety or environmental matters.
  • A preliminary noise survey to evaluate whether further investigation and measurement are required.
  • Review and revision of written Health and Safety Policies.
  • Review and revision of employee health and safety handbook.
  • Incident assistance: Liaison with the Health and Safety Executive, Local Authorities, Fire Services, and other Enforcing Authorities.
  • Accident, dangerous occurrence, near-miss and industrial disease investigation guidance, and advice on remedial action to be taken.
  • Advice and assistance with risk assessments.
  • Regular legislative updates.
  • Health and Safety Audits.

The audit is designed to achieve three principal objectives:

  • To identify any areas of Health and Safety concern.
  • To determine the current level of effectiveness of existing procedures.
  • To provide a report, which will form the basis of any action plan.

All audits are followed by a confidential written report that includes appropriate recommendations for action. This is a useful tool for anyone trying to benchmark against existing legislation and the report will indicate where the company needs to prioritise resources. Whilst Scottish Engineering cannot act as the responsible H&S person for members, our capacity as a competent adviser in this respect is recognised by HSE.

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