Inclusive Engineering Programme 2019/2020

Naziyah Mahmood
Gender Equality Officer, Scottish Engineering

Funded by Impact Funding Partners
Delivered in partnership with EQUATE Scotland


In order to further our goals, grow our businesses and successfully become equal and inclusive organisations, it is imperative for individuals and companies to continuously review their equality and inclusion stances, and to implement positive practices to allow for a more progressive, successful and fairer work culture.

Gender inequality has been an issue within many industries for centuries, and the engineering, construction and manufacturing sectors are among some of the worst for female participation, be it in academia or industry. From the normalisation of gendered-careers from a young age, to the ‘leaky pipeline’ faced by women progressing from studies into industry, there are several obstacles throughout a woman’s career path that can lead to dropping off the engineering ladder.

Time and time again research has proven the business case for gender diversity, and why having a more diverse workforce can positively impact business across several metrics. Attraction, retention and progression of the female engineering workforce requires a better understanding, and for there to be tangible action at a faster rate.

In partnership with EQUATE Scotland, and funded by Impact Funding Partners, Scottish Engineering has delivered the Inclusive Engineering Programme with the goal of helping engineering SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) companies to grasp the importance and need for a better understanding of this topic and to push for positive change.

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