Personal protective equipment (PPE) Supply

We have been contacted by members and external bodies keen to help with the supply of essential medical PPE for NHS and the Care Sector in Scotland. Companies who have capability or are interested to help with this are advised in the first instance to contact to express interest.

We are advised that although coordination of supply is managed separately for Scotland and England, advice and specifications are essentially the same, so interested parties may find the following links shared by BEIS useful.

The UK government has launched a new hub containing guidance on personal protective equipment (PPE), and infection prevention and control (IPC), containing information for both health and social care settings and other workers and sectors.
The hub also links to the Cross-government UK-wide PPE plan to ensure that critical PPE is delivered to those on the frontline. This includes a new ‘Make’ strategy of encouraging UK manufacturers to produce PPE. We would welcome support from manufacturers who wish to offer their production facilities where they can meet the required specifications for use by the NHS and care sector. New offers can continue to be made via

Thank you.