Update on the Job Support Scheme 22/10/2020

The Government have today announced a significant change to employers benefit in relation to the Job Support Scheme, which will commence on the 1 November 2020.

In summary the changes are:

  • Initially the qualifying criteria meant that employees had to work for a minimum of one third of the working week; that figure has changed to one fifth, which for most employers means having to find only one days work per week;
  • The make up of the payments has changed to increase the Government support, and to reduce the employers support.  The Government and the Employer previously paid 33% each of the lost wage, with the employee foregoing the remainder. Now, the Government will contribute 61.67%, with the employer contribution reduced to 5%. The Government contribution is capped at £1541.75 per month, with the Employer contribution capped at £125 per month.

There is some detailed information on the enclosed fact sheet here.

Please let our team know if you have any individual questions. Full guidance is expected imminently.