Smart Manufacturing Data Hub

Turning unused data sets into value with the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub

Working with manufacturing businesses to increase productivity, enhance product quality and reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.  

Scottish Engineering has now entered the Smart Manufacturing Data Hub. This is an exciting opportunity for our members to take part and improve their manufacturing processes.  

The Smart Manufacturing Data Hub is a project funded through Innovate UK. A £50 million investment to support small and medium-sized manufacturers to become more competitive by harnessing the power of data. 

As a UK wide project, Scottish Engineering will be partnering with 11 different organisations around the United Kingdom to deliver the programme. SME’s will benefit from digital solutions, expert guidance and funding through the hub, allowing them to explore and evaluate their processes, make operational savings, de-risk investments and become more digital savvy.  


Several sorts of projects will be carried out around data, from sensorisation to data analytics. SME’s data will be turned into timely, actionable insights: information that can guide them towards a decision that will improve manufacturing businesses. 

Early adopters of data-driven technology have already started gaining a competitive advantage by substantially lowering operating costs, improving time-to-market, and optimising performance. These benefits will only grow over time. 

If this project sounds like something you would like to take part in, please reach out to our SMDH project officer