Scotland’s Manufacturing & Engineering Skills Survey

The Scotland’s Manufacturing & Engineering Skills Survey is now live!

We are kindly asking member companies to complete the survey as we need the support of Scotland’s manufacturing and engineering companies to help us address the single biggest threat to our industry: skills shortages. The aim is to generate the best possible response as this will provide all the levers required to seek the support which will ultimately make a difference to industry in Scotland.

We all feel the impact of the shortages of key skills today, and our falling birth rate and aging population coupled with expected demands on our sector only make that situation tougher.  Action is needed now to ensure that identified solutions receive the priority – and funding – they deserve and reflect the importance of manufacturing to Scotland’s people and economy.

A collective group of bodies who support and represent industry have joined forces to gather detailed evidence of the future skills volume required so we can identify gaps that could bring lost opportunity for Scotland.  From a starting point of close to capacity, our future  is likely to contain:

  • A demand on our defence manufacturing that is unlikely to abate
  • A busy aerospace and space industry already constrained by skills
  • A continuing need to meet our existing energy sector requirements whilst in transition
  • Opportunities to participate in the infrastructure for decarbonisation over the coming decades.

We need your help to survey the current and future needs of industry in key roles, asking you to state or forecast:

  • The current number of headcounts in the organisation for key given roles
  • The forecast demand for additional and replacement headcount for that given role each year for four years
  • Your current plan to train these additions or replacement headcounts
  • Finally, the peak capacity that your organisation has now to train that given role each year

The survey is based on the same standard job descriptions/codes used in the sector’s annual pay benchmarking survey and will enable us to make reliable comparative conclusions from the data received.

We cannot underline enough that the key to success for this action is the volume and quality of responses – so please do your part to make sure your organisation completes this return, and then ask your network and supply chain in Scotland to do the same.

Thanks for your help to provide this essential information.


Complete the survey