ScotEng Inclusive Engineering Session – September 2021

Event description

Innovation, creativity, productivity, and resilience all thrive when we work together to encourage diversity and inclusion within our sector.

STEM industries are currently facing diversity challenges and in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we must work together to ensure that we are tapping into all of the talent available to rebuild our economy. Better gender diversity, ethnic diversity, alongside representation from minority and low socio-economic backgrounds is needed to accurately reflect the UK’s diverse population. Without seeing yourself represented in the industry, would you really feel driven to pursue a career where you perceive you might not feel welcome? Through our Inclusive Engineering sessions, we aim to shine the spotlight on what a career in engineering looks like for groups in industry where we can achieve a better balance, and illustrate that “if you can see it, you can be it”.

In our most recent Inclusive Engineering session, our three guest speakers will share their own personal journeys within engineering and STEM, providing us with an inside look into their careers and the steps they’re taking to create a more inclusive industry for all.



Watch our recent Inclusive Engineering recording, where we welcome guest speakers Blair Cruikshank of ScottishPower, Michelle Ferguson of Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company, and Pamela Scott of Pax & Iris Ltd. 


Our Inclusive Engineering sessions run quarterly. If you’re interested, our next session will take place in early December. If you’d like to be involved in a future Inclusive Engineering session, then contact for more information.