Scottish Engineering Mentoring Programme

Attending the Scottish Engineering Mentoring Scheme throughout the year helps me to recharge and focus on my goals of where I want to be in my profession. The meetings with Brian are always relaxed and informative, as he has a wealth of experiences and advice to pass on. Member company Mentee, Xandor Automotive

Mentoring can inspire, support, and motivate people to realise their potential and to achieve their dreams. In our careers, as in life in general, we can sometimes come to a point where we are stuck, standing in the same spot, unsure of how to progress to the next stage. This is where mentors come in. A mentor helps accelerate growth by providing unique perspectives, advice, and encouragement. Through reflecting on their own experiences, they can help their mentee avoid the same mistakes they have made and provide the confidence and courage to explore new ideas and ways of working.

We launched our Scottish Engineering Mentoring Programme in 2019 as part of our commitment to the development of a new generation of engineers and leaders in our industry. We are once again extending the opportunity for members to take full advantage of our free mentoring programme to develop the skills of their workforce. Our volunteer mentors bring a wealth of multi-functional experience in professional engineering, business management, and leadership and have a passion for sharing that knowledge with those building their careers in the sector.

The landscape for the workplace today looks much different than in times past. Rocked by the effects of COVID-19, the next generation of workers require more support than ever to reach their potential. We are open to candidates from any age group, level of experience, or functional specialism. All we ask is that your candidates have a desire for personal and professional growth and a willingness to engage enthusiastically with the mentors. If you are interested in exploring how our mentoring programme could support your organisation, then contact Tel: 0141 221 3181 to find out more.