Aine MacKellar: Apprentice Success Stories for Scottish Apprenticeship Week 24

It’s Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2024!

This week is all about highlighting the benefits that apprenticeships can bring to people of all ages, businesses and the economy.

We will be sharing apprenticeship success stories this week to showcase the value they’ve brought to people in our network and encourage others to consider this path.

We’re kicking things off with Aine MacKellar, Scottish Engineering’s own Business Support superstar. Aine completed her SVQ level 6 Business and Administration apprenticeship with us in June 2023. Below she shares her journey and the benefits this brought to her education and career:

Aine’s story

“I started my apprenticeship in October 2022 after leaving school at the start of 6th year and deciding that I wanted to start working full-time. I had been looking for jobs and came across this apprenticeship which interested me as it allowed me to work full time whilst gaining a qualification. I completed my SVQ level 6 Business and Admin apprenticeship in June 2023. I chose an apprenticeship as I wanted to keep learning, however, I didn’t feel ready to go to university or college yet so it was a perfect balance between education and working.  It allowed me to gain real work experience and a better understanding of how a business runs, and it has also given me many networking opportunities which has helped me to improve my confidence around others.

Since finishing my apprenticeship I am currently in my first year of studying BA (Hons) International Business at Glasgow Caledonian University whilst also working part-time at Scottish Engineering. I would recommend apprenticeships to everyone as I believe It is a great way to kickstart your career by working in a setting where you can apply the knowledge you are receiving from education.”

Thanks to Aine for sharing. Stay tuned for more inspiring success stories to come this week.

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