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We are delighted to announce that places are now available for the August – November instalment of our Scottish Engineering Leadership Forum (SELF) programme, now into its sixth cohort, having run successfully for a number of delegates from 2022 to date. The SELF programme encompasses six face-to-face facilitated workshops, covering the range of leadership skills, and with a focus on your development as a leader. Feedback from our previous sessions has been fantastic.


Specifically designed for and targeted at the Engineering and Manufacturing sector in Scotland, SELF provides face-to-face learning with structured modules, development goals and time and space to implement the learning between sessions. This programme is also a fantastic opportunity to build and develop a network across our membership, connecting participants to Scottish industry.

The structured modules will enable Managers and prospective Leaders to make the step from day-to-day management, to developing their skills across both tactical management and strategy. The modules will enable you to get the best from your people through an in-depth examination of performance management, delegation, coaching and how to help their teams develop and grow. It will also develop your personal skills – making you a better communicator, improving your presentation skills for maximum effect, and improving your ability to influence others.

Above all, these sessions will enable you to understand yourself better, understand the leadership role and give you the tools and support to enable you to continue to grow as a manager, and as a leader.


Watch the video below to meet our Trainer, Gordon Robb, and let him introduce himself and the SELF programme to you – he explains it the best!


SELF is suitable for:

  • Middle to Senior Managers
  • Junior or First Level Managers or Supervisors with potential to develop
  • Those whose roles are widening or changing and will require leadership skills
  • Graduates, Graduate Trainees and Graduate Apprentices
  • Any other staff who would benefit from developing their leadership skills



Members – £995 + VAT
Non-members –  £1195 + VAT

Sessions will run 0930-1630 and will include lunch.


To book your place on this course, please contact



Gordon Robb

Thanks to our partnership with Gordon, we can offer these six sessions and masterclasses. Gordon is a hugely experienced trainer, facilitator and coach with international experience. He will help develop your skills and competence to make you and your company better. 


To book your place, contact


Event Timelines

Leadership – A definition

We will start the programme by working on a definition of leadership, what it is, how it differs from management, and by looking at the skills and behaviours that are required.

Employee Engagement

Delving into one of the most important topics in leadership today—fully engaging your people. Delegates will understand what Employee Engagement is, so they can begin to work out their strategy for using the leadership skills they will learn.


Firstly, we will explore the subject of what makes communication work or not work. We will begin to explore the impact that ‘what we think of people’ has on how we communicate. We will explore how communication affects relationships and vice versa.

We will delve into a significantly improved method of asking questions that not only improves communication, but will help people develop, and form the foundation for coaching.


We will explore the subject of motivation, what difference it can make and how leadership can be about creating a relationship that results in people feeling more motivated and therefore engaging more. We will also look at what can be done by the delegates to take responsibility for their own level of motivation.


Continuing the theme of ‘achieving objectives through others’, we will discuss the importance of identifying areas of responsibilities for those within the organisation and how tasks are measured.


We explore what the fundamental requirements are for any team to thrive. The participants will learn to create a compelling aim for their team, and how to use all of the skills learned so far to drive the team through its development.

Professional information presentation

We will spend time taking the delegates through a systematic approach to designing, writing and presenting information.

The discussions surrounding this approach will cover the variety of stand-up presentations that the delegates may be called upon to deliver, e.g. team briefings, client presentations etc.

Planning and Managing time

Understanding how to plan and priorities your time is one of the most consistent differentiators of effective people. We will cover a process that will not only help delegates improve as leaders but will ensure they continue to develop the skills they have learned on the programme.


One of the fundamental uses of coaching is to help people solve their own problems and develop their own skills. However, one of the often ‘missed opportunities’ of coaching is how much impact it can have on people’s motivation and engagement.

This session covers various types of coaching and gives participants the tools to go back into the workplace and start using coaching to develop people, whilst helping them solve problems and improve their level of engagement

Total Seats: 16


Event Schedule Details

  • 21 August 2024 9:30 am
  • 04 September 2024 9:30 am
  • 18 September 2024 9:30 am
  • 02 October 2024 9:30 am
  • 23 October 2024 9:30 am
  • 06 November 2024 9:30 am

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