Scottish Engineering “Employment Tribunals: An Occupational Hazard?” Webinar

Event Date:

10 December 2020

Event Time:

9:30 am

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Online Webinar

Scottish Engineering “Employment Tribunals: An Occupational Hazard?” Webinar

Kevin Duffy, one of the solicitors in the Scottish Engineering Legal/HR team, will present a webinar on Employment Tribunals: how best to avoid facing a Tribunal claim in the first place but also how to deal with a claim, should one be raised against your company. Topics to be covered include:

  • What types of claims can the Tribunal deal with?
  • Can individual persons have claims raised against them? (Hint: the answer is yes).
  • Tribunal procedure – what to expect.
  • The evidence required by the tribunal.
  • What makes a credible & reliable witness?
  • How common Tribunal awards are calculated

Employment Tribunal claims can be a time-consuming distraction from your core business. This webinar will assist member companies in navigating the Tribunal landscape in as efficient and effective a way as possible.


£25 + VAT

£35 + VAT non-member 


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  • 10 December 2020 9:30 am   -   11:00 am
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