Developing Scotland’s Leaders Programme

Your leaders can be your companies biggest asset. Invest in them today with this specially designed programme to give them the skills they need to positively impact your business.

We have partnered with The Leadership Factory, one of the leading providers of leadership training in Scotland. They have a proven track record with many of our member companies and we are thrilled to offer all our members this best in class training.

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What is the Programme?
Who is it for?
What is the benefit?
Programme structure
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Coaching clinics
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What is the Programme?

Developing Scotland’s Leaders is a programme of workshops, coaching and support designed to improve leadership competence.

Participants will develop skills that will enable them to thrive as leaders in Scottish industry. The programme gives the opportunity to learn from seasoned leaders and experts in their field, as well as network with leaders from across Scotland.

The programme consists of:

  • Six one-day workshops
  • Two individual coaching sessions
  • Personal development planning
  • Our online support portal


Who is it for?

The programme is for people working in leadership positions who want to continue to develop their own skills and competence.

  • Chief Executives
  • Directors
  • Mid-level Managers
  • People with immediate leadership potential


What is the benefit?

By the end of the programme leaders will:

  • Have the confidence and skills to tackle difficult and challenging situations
  • Understand human behaviour and how to implement their knowledge to inspire enthusiasm within their team
  • Have developed their own self-coaching ability to continue developing throughout their careers

Developing Scotland’s Leaders is a blended, holistic approach to learning that focuses on real-life organisational challenges, to create a true understanding of how learned knowledge can be put into practice in the workplace.

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Programme structure

Personal development planning

Each delegate will complete a psychometric assessment and will be provided with individualised feedback.

They will also be issued with their own ‘Personal Change Canvas’ kit prior to the programme start and asked to think of themselves as a change project.

  • The programme is structured to help delegates define the change and to achieve it.
  • After each session, delegates will have completed the latest iteration of their canvas and will take a photograph. Each of the photographs will form a stage in the personal change story which will be use for the final evaluation presentation.
  • The canvas also provides tangible evidence of progress and a framework for continuing development post programme.


Coaching clinics

Our highly-rated coaching approach has helped people gain personal insight, tackle difficult situations and develop their own self-coaching ability to see them through their careers. Coaching is crucial to help participants embed the learning from the workshops into their day to day behaviours and leadership styles. We help people be at their best!

The coach will be booked at a date and time to suit the delegate, and each session will be based on 1.5 hours of coaching time. Each delegate would access 2 coaching sessions with the option to take more.

Our coaching approach will provide :

  • Experienced coaching with unique styles and background
  • Coaching workbook provided to all coachees to focus coaching
  • Minimum disruption for delegates and their businesses
  • Enabling for participants to put learning into practice


Leadership learning portal

The Learning Portal is a curated learning point for delegates to reach out to when:

  • They are ready and in the right frame of mind to learn
  • They are interested in a specific topic and want to know more
  • They need specific hints, tips and tricks on how to deal with specific situations or issues

Each area will be filled with materials from the workshops, articles, videos, podcasts and links to relevant information to make learning exciting and give specific guides.

  • On the go access from phones, tablets and computers
  • Unlimited access for 12 months from the end of the programme
  • Regularly updated with relevant, thought-provoking pieces to keep learning interesting


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Workshop 1: Leadership

  • Leadership at the influencer level
  • Developing awareness of personal style, strengths and development areas

5 May

Workshop 2: Influencing success

  • Understanding strategic issues
  • Developing strategic awareness
  • Personal impact and responsibility on implementing strategy

3 June

Workshop 3: Change

  • Emotional implications of change
  • Effectively leading change
  • Barriers to change

26 August

Workshop 4: Teams

  • Creating high performing teams
  • Evolution of a team
  • Team roles and dynamics

30 September

Workshop 5: Culture

  • Impact of influencers on culture
  • Importance of culture to business success and strategy
  • Developing a successful culture

28 October

Workshop 6: Performance coaching

  • Skillset of an effective coach
  • Structures for coaching and talent development
  • Coaching practice

25 November

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