This service gives immediate access to an experienced professional adviser who will offer bespoke advice and immediate access on the topics of Employment Law, Employment Relations, Employment Policies and Practices, Health, Safety and Environment.

Issues on which we are repeatedly asked for advice are included in the following list:

Alcohol and Drugs, Unfair Dismissal, Absence Management, Equal Pay, Disciplinary Procedures, European Directives, Grievance Procedures, Trades Unions’ Rights and Obligations, Sick Pay, Redundancy, Termination of Employment, COSHH, Industrial Action, Noise at Work, Maternity Leave, Settlement Agreements, Discrimination and Job Evaluation.

HR Support / Employment Relations

This service aims to help companies with their day-to-day needs. We will help to formulate policies and procedures designed specifically for this purpose.

We will examine your existing company policies and by determining your future needs we will work with you to formulate a ‘best practice’ set of concepts.

The service also provides practical support in responding to and resolving employment relations problems and assisting in implementing changes, including:

  • Direct support at formal meetings and negotiations with employee representatives and trade union officials.
  • Prior consultation regarding strategy and tactics before any formal meeting
  • Practical assistance in resolving cases of official and unofficial industrial action
  • Provision of relevant statistics, trends and general information in response to employment relations issues raised within the company
  • Liaison visits are arranged to exchange information and to discuss any matters of concern particularly forthcoming wage and salary reviews.
  • Consultative and problem solving meetings with company managers take place to advise on immediate problems or to devise an appropriate policy and strategy to resolve or improve unsatisfactory employee relations, policies or problems
  • Support and advice is available in relation to termination of  employment including redundancy