New Team Member – Naziyah Mahmood

Naziyah Mahmood, Gender Equality Officer


A ‘Jill-of-all-trades’, Naziyah’s passion for the STEM sector, and for seeing a more equal and inclusive environment within these fields, can be seen from her academic and industrial experiences.
With a background in astrophysics and aerospace engineering, she has worked on several European Space Agency (ESA) satellite missions on various subsystems including Mission Analysis and Design, Propulsion and more. As a STEM Ambassador she works to break the many stereotypes of women in STEM, and especially of those from BAME backgrounds.

Naziyah also works closely with women’s rights organisations to create safe physical and digital spaces for all self-identifying women and girls, and through this aims to help change current legislations on Scottish political platforms.
With an involvement in many male-dominated fields, including as a martial artist of over 20 years, Naziyah aims to not only normalise the image of women within these fields, but also to shine a light on the work needed on inclusivity within all fields.

Role description and project info:
As the new Gender Equality Officer at Scottish Engineering, Naziyah will be delivering a series of events which will revolve around equalities training, and will also be collaborating with EQUATE Scotland to deliver the Inclusive Engineering Programme.
Through this we invite everyone wishing to develop the skills and knowledge on how to instigate change within their organisations to allow for a more fair and equal work culture, SMEs looking for support on their equality policies, and women aiming to progress in their careers within the sector to get in touch on 0141 221 3181 and ask for Naziyah. We look forward to hearing from you!