About Us

Our team of experienced professionals can offer a wide range of services allied to health and safety and environmental issues which includes not only training on all aspects of Health and Safety but also support to manufacturing through consultancy, audits, safety officer service, noise and occupational hygiene monitoring and Local Exhaust Ventilation design. This is achieved through liaison and partnership with public sector bodies (such as the HSE, SEPA, Carbon Trust, Envirowise).

Basic Health and Safety Service Package

This service includes two on site half-day audits looking at management systems and the way they function in practice followed by an inspection of work areas to examine physical conditions and compliance with legislation.
The audits can cover any area or activity of potential concern, as the company wishes.
All audits are followed by a confidential written report that includes recommendations for action.

Other advantages of the service include;

  • Advice and help on any health, safety or environmental matters – available by phone or e-mail.
  • A preliminary noise survey to evaluate whether further investigation and measurement are required.
  • Preparation of written Health and Safety Policies or reviewing and updating of existing Company Policies.
  • Preparation of employee health and safety handbook.
  • Incident assistance: Liaison with the Health and Safety Executive, Local Authorities, Fire Services, and other Enforcing Authorities.
  • Accident, dangerous occurrence, near-miss and industrial disease investigation, and advice on remedial action to be taken.
  • Advice and assistance with risk assessments.
  • Regular legislative updates.
  • 10% discount on full noise and occupational hygiene surveys.

Costs as of 2015 first year joining fee £1030 + VAT.
Subsequent years £755 + VAT.

Please note: these prices are for companies with 199 employees or under. For over 200 employees the fee is by arrangement.

Safety Awards

Member companies are sent an accident reporting form. This form is used by Scottish Engineering to monitor reportable Health and Safety incidents throughout the industry. Safety awards are given to companies who have a lower incidence rate than the industry average as specified by the Health & Safety Executive. The Safety Award also shows that the organisation has not received a prohibition notice or been found guilty under Health and Safety law.

Consultancy Services

Individual Health and Safety Support

Separately from the Health and Safety Service Package, we provide general Health and Safety Audits, or audits of any particular area or activity of potential concern.

The audit is designed to achieve three principle objectives:

  • To identify any areas of Health and Safety concern
  • To determine the current level of effectiveness of existing procedures
  • To provide a report, which will form the basis of any action plan

All audits are followed by a confidential written report that includes appropriate recommendations for action. This is a useful tool to anyone trying to benchmark against existing legislation and the report will indicate where the company needs to prioritise resources. Cost £705 plus VAT per day (2015 figures).

Undertaking of full noise assessments by competent persons

The noise assessment will identify the daily noise exposure of your employees who might be at risk of hearing damage, and will provide information to help you decide upon the measures to be taken to control the noise exposure. This will entail 2 days consulting i.e. one day on site and one day report writing.

Control of substances hazardous to health regulations

Under the COSHH Regulations, employers have obligations to carry out an assessment of health risks associated with exposure to hazardous substances, to plan adequate control of such substances, and for provision of suitable protection for those who work with hazardous materials. Full or partial assistance to meet the requirements of regulations is available.
This will entail 2 days consulting i.e. one day on site and one day report writing.

Manual handling

Manual handling operations regulations: Detailed guidance on compliance with risk assessment requirements.

Environmental management systems (ISO 14001):

Assistance in preparing companies seeking ISO 14001 approval including register of regulations, Register of environmental effects, formulation of policies.

Health and Safety management systems (OHSAS 18001):

Assistance in preparing companies seeking OHSAS 18001 approval including Register of legislation, formulation of policies.

A Range of Training can include the following

  • Director and senior management training: Legal responsibilities for health and safety.
  • Safety committee training: Accident investigation, reviewing monitoring procedures and general duties.
  • Safety awareness training: Courses to promote awareness of all aspects of health and safety legislation for managers, supervisors and workpeople.
  • Risk assessment training: Risk assessment training at COSHH, manual handling noise and VDUs.

Forums workshops and group discussions

These are arranged on a regular basis to ensure all levels of management and workpeople are kept up to date with changing legislative requirements, and to provide opportunities for industrialists to exchange views and experiences.