Headtorch Mental Well-being Breakfast Session – Thu 2nd July

Now is a critical time to prioritise your mental health and well-being to enable you to stay well and focussed whilst working during these extraordinary times. 

Therefore, we’d like to extend this invitation to join our Mental Well-Being Breakfast Webinar, in partnership with Member company Headtorch on the morning of Thursday 2nd July 2020. With many of us just starting to get used to lockdown life and settling into a new reality and routine, the prospect of returning to work can be daunting. In this online session, our aim is to give your mind a little holiday from the current stress and worry for a while, and to instead focus on creating an effective and healthy homeworking environment, whilst also looking at steps you can take to minimise any anxious thoughts that may arise when returning to work. The team at Headtorch will give you an overview of how to work well at home and at work, whilst looking after yourself and looking out for your colleagues. This advice will be provided through a series of key messages and practical steps, with the opportunity to ask our speakers questions throughout.


Click here to view our speakers and info on how to register.