Exploring Leadership Session

Catch up with our exploring leadership session 

With Guest Speakers Kathleen Harkins and John Penman


“Management vs Leadership”… “Are Leaders born or made?” These are age-old debates with many books written on the subject.


Kathleen’s experience has shown that the journey to senior leader starts from an area of knowledge in a specific field, leading to a role in management, and then evolves into leadership. This pathway can take many different routes with many diversions along the way. So how do you know when you have reached your destination? Support and development for senior leaders can be wide and varied but at some point, there is a choice to make regarding what type of leader you want to be and how you will work on gaining the skills, knowledge, and experience to get you there.

In this session, Kathleen and John Penman, MD of member company Fife Fabrications Ltd discuss John’s journey to leadership and share some of the ups and downs, along with what being a leader means to him. This session is a great opportunity to hear first-hand the personal steps taken and challenges overcome in the journey to becoming a confident and successful leader.



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