Get into Rail II – “Unlocking Innovation and Product Development” Online Event

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Date and Time:

31 March 2021 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Event Location:

Scottish Engineering Hub, 105 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1QL


The rail cluster project is pleased to announce the second event of the ‘Get into Rail’ series. This follows on from the Get into Rail – route to market session that took place on 18 March. If you missed the first event and you’d like to watch the recording, please click here.

During the 1-2-1 meetings that the rail cluster holds with our SME organisations, many of the questions are focused on how to get into the rail sector with SMEs wanting to understand the rail industry standards and approval processes. Both the Get into Rail event 1 and Get into Rail event 2 help to address these questions.

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We are delighted to welcome three terrific speakers who are experts in their fields, so please do make sure you ask any questions that you might have.

David Clarke, Technical Director from the Railway Industry Association (RIA) will start off the session with Unlocking Innovation. David will explain how existing and potential rail suppliers can get involved in the RIA Innovation programme which is developed with RIA strategic partners Network Rail and UKRRIN. The free and open to all Unlocking Innovation event has run for more than a decade, showcasing new ideas and thinking from across industry and reaching thousands of people. Through five events a year, the programme brings together the people with ideas and ambition to drive change within the rail industry, helping to build new supply chains, supporting clients in finding creative solutions and showcasing the incredible work going on in the industry. Ultimately, Unlocking Innovation aims to support UK rail in creatively delivering the best for passengers and freight users. David will be joined by Emily Kent, co-founder of intelligent video specialist One Big Circle who, as a new SME business, used RIA and Unlocking Innovation to help them navigate the rail industry and make the connections that have enabled them to grow rapidly. They have recently won a significant contract with Network Rail and have been named one of nine technology scale up businesses by Price Waterhouse Coopers Scale Transport Programme. Emily will share her practical experience of developing an innovative new rail business.

Following on from David’s session, Roger Moore, Senior Product Acceptance Specialist, Network Rail will provide an overview of the Product Acceptance Assurance Process, detailing the scope, stages and stakeholders involved throughout the end to end process. Roger will answer the fundamental questions “Do I need it or not?” and “If I do, what next?”. There is a lot of really useful information you can access by clicking here.

During the second part of our event, Kevin Rayment, Reliability Process Manager, Network Rail will take us through the Design for Reliability process, a structured procedure identifying minimum requirements for suppliers to demonstrate that they have designed reliability into new or changed controlled products and addressed potential reliability risks using documented outputs from proven tools.

We hope you can join us in what we think will be a highly informative session. Register here.