Our team of qualified Solicitors/Legal Advisers will offer advice in dealing with all matters referred by employees or ex-employees to an Employment Tribunal.

The service covers all issues arising from employees or ex-employees raising a Tribunal claim against a company.

Such issues can involve for example unfair dismissal, redundancy payments and protective award, discrimination claims, time off for public or trade union duties. Equal Pay and Discrimination cases may, however, attract an additional charge in view of their complexity.

We will cover all such matters arising during the subscription year and encompass all the necessary administration, preparation and representation.











The Employment Tribunal Management Service provides comprehensive, experienced and highly respected support to safeguard the interests of employers in this complex legal area.

The service will undertake both ‘Equal Pay’ and ‘Equal Value’ claims but such cases will attract an additional fee by arrangement, depending on the complexity of the case.

ETMS does not automatically extend to the Employment Appeal Tribunal cases but it may nevertheless be possible to support an EAT case at Scottish Engineering’s discretion provided that the company was represented by Scottish Engineering at the Employment Tribunal hearing, at least £5,000 was at stake or the case raised an issue of general importance to the wider membership and the company is considered to have more than a 50% prospect of success at an EAT hearing. Where Counsel is instructed, the member company will meet any additional costs incurred.

Where a tribunal hearing is held outwith Scotland, the company will be expected to meet Scottish Engineering’s travel and accommodation costs.

Where a new member company, or an existing member which does not already take ETMS, asks Scottish Engineering to represent them in an ET case, Scottish Engineering will handle the case for a commercial fee and not under ETMS. Similarly, where the circumstances leading to the ET case have already occurred before the company joins Scottish Engineering or decided to take up an ETMS, Scottish Engineering can only represent the company on a commercial basis. There is, of course, nothing to prevent the company from taking up ETMS in respect of any future ET cases where the circumstances giving rise to the cases have not yet taken place.

In order to safeguard the interests of companies who take the service, any company which decides to discontinue taking it has to give six calendar months notice in writing to Scottish Engineering.