Can You Offer PPE To Help?

Many of you may be aware of the ongoing generosity of Scottish businesses in the donation of PPE equipment to the NHS, and a member in Central Scotland has been in touch to share how their offer to donate available PPE has been warmly received by the NHS Board they contacted. Wider supply chain efforts to ensure frontline NHS staff have enough safety equipment to see them through the coronavirus outbreak are being led by Scottish Enterprise, but in this case every offer of equipment available now may help.

If you have FFP3 or FFP2 type face masks or something similar to the masks below, these would be ideal. Our member company had donated Alpha Solway 3030V, 3M 8833 type masks and we know that Type 2R surgical masks like the far right image would also be welcomed.



Below is the link to the 14 regional NHS Boards across Scotland. Each region has their website and contact details linked to give you a better idea of where you could donate.

Your local NHS Board may have specific other PPE requirements that you could help with by contacting them.


We thank you for your support.