BREXIT Update.

Brexit negotiations took place, with the first meeting being held on 19 June 2017, conducted by the EU Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier, and the Secretary of State for exiting the EU, David Davis.  The following items were on the agenda:-

  1. Agreement was reached in relation to dates, organisation and priorities for the negotiations.
  2. The languages of negotiation were agreed to be English and French.
  3. Agreement was reached in relation to the structure of the negotiations, with the aim being to have one week of negotiations per month and to use the time in between meetings to work on and exchange proposals.  During the first phase of negotiations the topics to be discussed will cover citizens’ rights, the single financial settlement and other separation issues.
  4. Negotiations will start with regards to the Northern Ireland/Irish border and will be focussed on the protection of the Good Friday Agreement and the maintenance of the common travel area.