Basic membership of Scottish Engineering includes the following:

Postal Information Service

All members receive regular updating on UK and European employment issues and are informed regularly on economic, business and employment matters. They are kept up-to-date with proposed legislation and advised on action required to conform to it.


Scottish Engineering meets the key role of presenting the needs of the manufacturing engineering industry to the relevant authorities. The aim of this function is to create the social, legal and economic conditions favourable to the effective conduct of the manufacturing business.

This is achieved by developing and maintaining contacts with Members of the Scottish Parliament (Holyrood), Members of Parliament (Westminster), Members of the European Parliament (Brussels), Civil Servants, Scottish Enterprise, Local Enterprise Companies, Local Authorities and various enforcing bodies.

Member companies are consulted and given opportunities to influence and shape this vital activity.

Relationships and Business Contacts

This is an essential role in conducting business and senior executives of member companies are encouraged to develop relationships, exchange and share business experiences and to assist their business plans by participating in meetings, committees, working parties, working lunches and other events.

Networking events, for example are:

  • District Meetings (3 times a year in 7 locations)
  • Executive Dinners with MSP’s etc
  • Annual Dinner (normally in May)
  • Committee’s such as
  • Employment Policies and Practices
  • Scottish Advisory Committee on Lifelong Learning in Engineering

Lifelong Learning

Members have access to information and advice on matters pertaining to education and training at all levels. They will receive regular input to briefings on developments within the education and training fields.

Public Affairs

Members have access to Scottish Engineering’s Public Affairs resources for guidance and some assistance in company profile initiatives and related issues.

Access to other services

Access to the other services on the Menu is available only to members of Scottish Engineering and are therefore offered at extremely attractive rates.